Shaf builds teams. His most recent success, Victory Square Technologies (VST), is a Start-up studio with 20+ portfolio companies focused on key sectors such as: Web 3, NFT's, Gaming, Metaverse and the Creator Economy. He has launched over 40 start-ups in 24 different countries, creating a combined market cap of over $2 Billion.
Ryan Wilson is a full stack security specialist. He has more than 25 years experience designing, building and operating mission critical technology systems. As a Certified Information Systems Auditor, Ryan has been responsible for securing billions of dollars in financial transactions around the world. Ryan has founded and sold 4 technology companies in Cybersecurity, Healthcare, Finance and Beverage Alcohol.
Kalvin ships games. He is an experienced Product Owner / Game Designer specialized in F2P mobile and online game development, and has built teams in both corporate settings as well as start-up environments.
Dan builds community. He built Tantalus Labs from inception, a west coast cannabis powerhouse at the intersection of small-batch, sustainably grown BC Bud. His global network of cannabis collaborators lean on his track record of meticulous detail and reputation for delivering on his vision.
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