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PvP Battling

Pay a $RAKS entry fee to battle your strains against others with a chance to win their Strain based on traits and chance.
Pay a $RAKS entry fee to enter your plant into the battle arena. The matchmaker pits you another plant in the arena based on the strength of your traits plus an element of chance. The winner walks away with their opponent's strain, and the $RAKS is burnt (deflationary).
PvP battles are an alternative strategy for players to earn strains other than farming.
Battles assign equal weights to core value traits including Bud Size, THC%, and Total Terpene %. As strains battle, each trait battles it's opponent’s equivalent trait. The superior trait has a higher chance of winning, but upsets are still possible. Closer rated traits have more balanced odds, with a diminishing marginal trait enhancement per strain over time as traits progress.