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Strain NFTs


Mint, trade, and buy one or more of a limited edition of authentic, original, and exclusive GEN1 Strains. IP has been licensed through equity sharing with a diversity of prominent and credible breeders from real-world cannabis history. An official WEEDGANG strain is never minted twice.
These GEN1 strains are a part of cannabis history, and in acquiring them a player is putting financial resources into the hands of the breeders that nurtured them into life.
There will only ever be 6000 limited edition GEN1 strains purchasable at a price of 0.08 ETH. After the GEN1 Strains are minted, future child strains will be created through breeding and require either a burn of $RAKS or a burn of both parents. Strains beyond GEN1 will be generated and not contain licensed IP, however their NFT artwork will be an accurate representation of the combined parent traits.


Core Value Traits include bud size, cola density, frost coverage, THC potency, and total terpene content. Experience Traits include colouration, bud shape, and primary terpene.
Traits affect aesthetics, breeding outcomes and the likelihood of winning in PvP gameplay.

Example Rating - GEN1 STRAIN Core Value Traits

Bud Size
Cola Density
Frost Coverage
THC Potency
Total Terpene Content

Example Rating - GEN1 STRAIN Experience Traits

Lime Green, Forest Green, Light Purple
Bud Shape
Primary Terpene
Strain progression happens generationally through breeding, but play styles can evolve freely around preferred trait progression. IRL, some collectors seek exceptional THC potency. Others hunt for bud size and exotic colouration. Rare terpenes and total terpene content are emerging as a novel barometer of quality. There are many ways to progress in WEEDGANG, all of which add value to your strain portfolio.