Burn $RAKS to acquire and enhance a PLOT in the WEEDGANG Metaverse (deflationary to $RAKS). A PLOT will allow you to hold more Strains.
Growers need land and in the WEEDGANG Metaverse, we call these PLOTs. Each PLOT can hold up to 5 Strains. Players start with capacity for 5 Strains but need to purchase additional PLOTs to expand their operation.
PLOTs are purchased using $RAKS. As PLOTs constrain the number of Strains a player can hold, and thereby the geometric advantage they can gain by holding many NFTs, their price increases with the number of Strains to balance the accrual of $RAKS in the economy.
PLOT price is given by:
Note that Floor here means the mathematical Floor which rounds down to the nearest integer.
PLOT NFTs also act as a whitelist pass to the Genesis Strain NFT mint. They stack on top of whitelist places earned through other means as well.
1000 PLOTs will be flash minted for free to seed the game economy leading up to the Genesis Strain mint. Each wallet can only mint 1 of these, but more can be purchased from OpenSea.