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Welcome To WeedGang


In a distant corner of the metaverse, a pixelated man looks out over his rows of tokenized cannabis plants and pulls happily on his pipe. A stream of $RAKS accrues at the base of each staked plant - the rarer plants with more potent smells and vibrant colours accruing faster.
Later, when the plants are ready to harvest, he will unstake them and claim the $RAKS which he will use to try and breed new, rarer strains or buy more PLOTs of land on which to expand his farm.
Growing cannabis in the metaverse isn’t all giggles and munchies though. Breeding is a complex and expensive art. Some offspring are highly valuable, but there is always a chance a breed falls apart.
In addition, the legalization of cannabis in the metaverse has led to a booming industry of growers, and an underground industry of Strain Battles. Cannabis plants in the metaverse are a little more lively than their real-world counterparts and growers face them off in 1v1 battles where the winner takes home the others’ plant.


WeedGang is a multi-player on-chain defi strategy game that combines utility-based NFTs with a tokenomics model and PvP gameplay in a cannabis-themed metaverse.
The Genesis Strain Collection (GEN1) licenses and tokenizes the genetic IP of authentic, exclusive cannabis strains from real-life breeders that can be collected, bred and traded to accrue value.
Breadth of strain collection, time spent holding strains, breeding strategy, and risk management all converge on elegant tokenomics and iterative generational progression to grow value for the player and community.
This whitepaper outlines the gameplay mechanics and tokenomics for the in-game economy.

Value Creation Through Genetic Progression

Today, cannabis consumers pay material price premiums for bragging rights to scarce, botanically exciting, and modernized poly hybrids. The genetics behind these rare strains have been honed over hundreds of generations of composable pollination and phenotyping.
Developing novel chemistries, colours, and experiences is the crux of the breeder’s work, and breeding exists at the core of value creation for growers and consumers.
Playing WEEDGANG teaches the skillset of poly hybridization, incentivizing a deeper passion for digital breeding and trading in the pursuit of maximizing trait desirability and rarity through progression.

Genetics Economy Drives Trait Enhancement

Traits such as exotic colouration, cannabinoid potency, bud size, trichome (or ‘frost’) coverage, terpene potency, terpene differentiation, and parentage all converge on strain desirability in the limitless search for cannabis genetic perfection. Cannabis connoisseurs pay homage to breeders that experiment on thousands of plant crosses over hundreds of generations to shape rare and iterative botanies and chemistries.
This work is composable, with famous breeders trading and acquiring each other’s genetic work to act as building blocks in their new creations. Every effective generation of crossing enhances plant adaptivity and trait desirability, increasing heterogeneity through hybrid vigour.
IRL cannabis consumers respond to breeding insight in their everyday purchase decisions, and our Player’s Club creates value by evolving their wholly-owned in-game assets towards iterative generations of desirable traits.


The P2E game economy of WEEDGANG incentivises the pursuit of knowledge in cannabis breeding. It rewards learning, passion, and persistence. In-game breeding enhances strain scarcity, potency, trait desirability, and economic value.
WEEDGANG rewards skill development in the fields of genetics, cannabis history, resource allocation, and game theory. It exists at the intersection of NFT collection, gameplay, tokenomics, and community in a simple V1 economy. Beyond this WP, the rules are learned in an exploratory manner.